We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Marine Application Oil Coolers, Marine Oil CoolerS in Karnataka, India, Africa & Gulf Countries.

  • We serve hydraulic oil coolers for marine application.
  • Hydraulic oil in Ship Stabilizer gets heated up due to continuous operation and hence needs cooling. Shell and tube heat exchanger are used for this purpose.
  • Heat exchangers used in Marine application are susceptible to corrosion and hence are made of non-corrosive materials.
  • Sacrificial Zinc Anode is screwed in Shell and Tube oil coolers to avoid corrosion from sea water salts. This anode has to be replaced periodically.
  • All materials are strictly checked for chemical and Physical tests in authorized Labs.
  • We have authorized Vendors for supplying special materials as it's our duty to serve best for our customer.
  • All marine oil coolers are checked for leak proof and performance by third party inspections.

For Marine Application
Shell SS 316L Seamless Pipe
Tubes CuNi 70:30 /90:10
Tube-sheets Ab-2, SS 316, Naval Brass
End Covers LG-4, Gun Metal
Baffles & Tie Rods SS 316, Brass